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Exhausted because your baby won’t sleep through the night?  

Frustrated by bedtime battles with your toddler?

Confused about how best to help your baby sleep longer?  

Fantasizing about getting a full night's sleep?

I am a physician, certified infant and toddler sleep consultant and mother of three...

and can tell you that you are not alone!  Using proven behavioral techniques, I have helped hundreds of  families across the nation get the sleep they need.   I guide you every step of the way, and educate you with a customized sleep plan based on what  works best for you, your child, and your family.  Expect results within days!

  • Testimonials - Baby Sleep Pro
    "There are no words to describe how ecstatic I am that Rebecca came into our lives and helped my little one sleep through the night." -Maria
  • Testimonials - Baby Sleep Pro
    "I recommend Rebecca so highly. She is knowledgable, practical, and serious about getting your baby to sleep while also being empathetic, patients and reassuring." -Ali
  • Testimonials - Baby Sleep Pro
    "Within 2 days of implementing her plan, my son was sleeping through the night! Best of all he is happer, well rested, and hitting more milestones than ever!" -Sunny
  • Testimonials - Baby Sleep Pro
    "Dr. Kempton helped restore sanity to our nights!" -Debbie
  • Testimonials - Baby Sleep Pro
    "Rebecca held our hands every step of the way. The results were incredibly quick." -Sara

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