A note from Baby Sleep Pro founder, Dr. Rebecca Kempton, M.D.

If you are reading this, and you are exhausted from lack of sleep, you are not alone. Studies have shown that new parents lose a whopping 6 weeks of sleep in the first year of life! I was once in your shoes too with my own children. Yes, caffeine may put some temporary pep in your step, but getting to the root of your family’s sleep issues can give you back the sleep you need to feel like yourself again. It also restores the pleasures of family life! Though I am based in Chicago, I have helped over 2,000 families in 14 countries, 35 states, and 5 continents achieve better sleep in under two weeks. I look forward to helping you too!

4-month-old takes an hour to fall asleep

Untitled-1Our 4-month-old son was never a “bad sleeper,” I just knew he could be better. Before talking to Rebecca, our son only woke up once at night, however, he took about an hour to go down and always required to be rocked to sleep. His naps were also a challenge. He rarely was able to nap in his crib and usually only stayed asleep for 30-45 minutes at a time. As a result, our son was constantly sleep deprived and seemed like he “always needed a nap.” After working with Rebecca, we saw immediate results.

After just a few days he was able to fall asleep on his own and started taking longer and longer naps in his crib! After just two weeks of practice, our son now falls asleep within 15 minutes on his own and sleeps for 12 hours at night with just one easy wake up. He also is taking two naps in his crib for about 1.5-2 hours at a time. Overall he seems happier and we are beyond thrilled with his results.

- Kristen P., Chicago, IL

6-month-old not sleeping

Untitled-1I just wanted to let you know that our daughter is a  great sleeper now. She sleeps 11-12 hours at night, naps an hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon and rarely wakes up crying or even fussing. She naps like a champ with minimal crying and we even survived our first weekend away from home where I slept in the room with her.

We’re all so much happier and healthier and our daughter is just leagues better. She’s learning and growing and having so much fun. She’s a blast to be around! I know we’ve got teething and more developmental phases ahead of us, but I really think she’s equipped with great sleep skills. Gone are the dark circles under her eyes and in their place is more smiles!

I’m singing your praises in my mom groups and with friends whenever I can and really appreciate all the help and guidance you gave us to get us here. We’re so thrilled with how successful this has been and how much it’s changed our parenthood experience!

- - Michelle H., Chicago, IL

5-month-old up all night


Rebecca gave us the confidence to leap into sleep training. She gave us detailed attention in moments of uncertainty and provided clarity. We are now so grateful to see our son getting the rest his body needs to grow. The results of our work together has been transformative and our quality of life has improved so much

- Angelica D., Chicago, IL

18-month-old early riser

Untitled-1Rebecca’s support and expertise were remarkable and so worth it – because the entire family is finally sleeping soundly through the night and we noticed positive, lasting results immediately. Within 2 nights, we’d eradicated the early / night wakings. Within 4 nights, he was sleeping right on target. The overnight and naps fell into place — even our pediatrician who had recommended her was impressed.


We thought we knew what we were doing, had read all the books, blogs, worked with our pediatrician and even visited a sleep center — but nothing seemed to work. We started getting conflicting information, incorporating it, and that just made our sleep situation more dire. We rationalized all the reasons we could be struggling with sleep because admittedly, it was like — we did it fine the first time with our first kid, so why isn’t it working now?  So, we waited longer than we probably should have to get sleep consultation – and thus my first advice is, if you’re reading this: just do it. Do it now. Your life will be so much easier.


From the first contact, Rebecca was responsive, accessible, savvy, and accommodated us ASAP into her schedule. She took the time to listen to our situation, advised us on the best steps forward, patiently answered our questions, and began an unbelievably thorough support over the phone and then through email. Her plan was easy to implement. The email system kept us accountable, and she encouraged us every step of the way. She empowered us to navigate the conflicting advice we’d received, and to find the unique approach that worked not only for our child, but also for our family.


As our pediatrician said – she’s so personable, listens so well, and is truly gifted at her job. She’s resourceful, a creative problem solver, super detail oriented and organized … and that’s who you want to work with when you’re desperate and in crisis mode. The books and blogs can be too one-size-fits-all and it’s so helpful to have someone with you every step of the way to make those snap decisions about how to respond to wakings, and when to time naps and bedtime. And you want someone whose empathy, understanding, and ability to relate can reassure you and make you feel like you’re not alone in this. When you’re vulnerable, you want someone you can trust, who has integrity and who you know truly wants to help you every step of the way… that’s Rebecca. I could not recommend her consultation more highly and I wish I’d done it sooner.

- Katherine O., Chicago, IL

Two-year old co-sleeper

My two year old never slept through the night and always liked to co-sleep so none of us got a good night’s sleep. We contacted Dr. Kempton after a few of my colleagues strongly recommended her. She discussed our situation in depth and came up with three plans to help us. We chose the one which would be quick. She gave us a huge hope and confidenceM that this can be achieved. At that point we had some hope but mostly thought let’s try this too. But then my son magically adopted the plan that she suggested. We won’t deny the first two nights were hard but then third got way better and on the 4th night we all slept through the night after two years of waking all night long. He has been sleeping on his own for past 2 months now.

She was always reachable by emails and gave us hope and strength. I liked that she always used to tell me that don’t think you are doing this for yourself, you are actually going to help him a lot. And yes the sleep training did help him. Since he has been trained, he is such a fun kid to be around. Within a month or two he has started talking full meaningful statements. He loves his books and puzzles now. Also, in the daycare he is one of the sweetest kids who helps around and plays nicely.

After sleep training, we have seen that he can fall asleep on his own even if we are not at home yet. Previously, he used to be just cranky if he was feeling sleepy. Not just that, both of us as parents feel more efficient at our work places now and are able to have a life of our own too.

She has also helped us in planning international travel and recovering from the jetlag.

Thanks a lot for showing us the light at the end of the tunnel and forever changing our lives. We are so glad we contacted you.

- The Tandon Family, San Jose, CA

10-month-old co-sleeper with night wakings and no naps…

I contacted Dr. Kempton when my family was on the verge of a crisis. Our ten month old daughter, although playful and happy, nursed three to five times per night, and my wife was in a downward spiral towards exhaustion. As a co-sleeping family, we were very reluctant to implement Dr. Kempton’s recommendations, but within two nights, our daughter slept through the night in her crib. During the first week, she cried for ten to thirty minutes every time we put her to sleep, and we thought the tears would never end. But the second week began without tears as she happily fell asleep in her crib at night and during naps. We now have more energy for our daughter during the day, and my wife and I cherish our evenings together after putting our daughter to sleep. I can’t thank Dr. Kempton enough for guiding us in the right direction. I have my wife back, and my family is stronger than ever.

- Aaron L, Champaign IL

4-month-old without a schedule…

Best money I ever spent!

Xander-6-mo-225x300I struggled for five months with my son’s lack of routine, and nights consisted of hourly wakings and one 5-hour long feed. However, I was adamant that I didn’t want to pay for a night nanny who would come in and just help out for one night, ultimately helping little in the grand scale of things. I just wanted someone who could give me the tools to do it myself, and that’s when I enlisted the help of Rebecca. Though Skype and follow-up emails, within a week he was no longer waking up once an hour, but just once a night, and napping throughout the day at set times. Rebecca’s supportive and clear approach provided me with the foolproof instructions I needed and gave me the confidence to do the right thing for my baby boy.

- Annabel R, London, England

2-and-a-half-year old restless co-sleeper with night wakings…

Maddie hasn’t always been the best sleeper. She was the baby where people on the internet just collectively deemed “untrainable” because no matter what type of training we did since she was 4 months old, it would revert back to multiple night wakings, rock to sleep, etc all within days. For 2.5 years, we just resolved to a life of disrupted codependent sleeping. It’s a very lonely feeling when you feel like you’re the only one in the world dealing with a difficult sleeper.

I kept thinking ‘I don’t need a sleep consultant! They just hold your hand through crying it out anyways!’ I AM SO GLAD I WAS PROVEN WRONG. Both naps and night times grew ridiculously complicated as she grew older and her screams and cries and pleas for our presence were starting to draw out to hours of fussiness, losing precious hours of sleep for everyone. We caved and called Rebecca. This was the best decision we have ever made to date.

Not only was Rebecca extremely responsive and empathetic to our situation, she also made us feel like no matter what kind of concerns or doubts or second guesses we were experiencing, she was hopeful for us. We needed that single source of hope when neither of us were able to hold on, and it was so amazing to hear Rebecca’s soothing confidence daily. Maddie was trained for night time within 2 days. On the third night, when we bid her goodnight, she actually smiled, waved us goodbye, and said “Goodnight, mommy and daddy! See you tomorrow!”. She always woke up super happy with lots of energy and her general mood baselined at content happiness. Her fussiness decreased to minimal and typical of a 2.5 year old and she was always excited and happy to start bedtime.

Naps took a little longer and I was losing hope. 1 week…2 weeks…3 weeks and she persisted, feet planted firmly on the bed and refused stubbornly to even give sitting down a try. I was losing faith and was also worried that this would end up with her cutting out naps completely. Rebecca was always there, always optimistic, and always understanding. Even when I pulled the parent card and told her I need her to nap so went in and laid with her to fall asleep for nap, Rebecca empathized with no judgment. She is a parent, she understands the heartaches of mothers. However, when we gave Maddie an inch, she then demanded a mile. It took one single nap concession for her to throw her night time training out the window. We were then bought in completely and followed Rebecca’s sleep plan to a T. It took her a total of 3 weeks but now she happily bids us goodbye for naps too! For the first time in 2.5 years, my husband and I have nights to ourselves again, we have an immensely joyful toddler that loves sleep and can do it independently, and no more headaches and anxieties around sleep.

Not only that, but our marriage has been transformed as well. We have been on more dates in the last few weeks than we have been on in the last year! I cannot recommend Rebecca enough and only wished we would’ve called her sooner!

- The Song Family, San Francisco, Ca

5-month-old short napper and night owl…

Before Rebecca, the beauty of becoming a parent unfortunately got lost in the daily exhaustion I faced. My son, Nathan, never even came close to sleeping through the night. For the first three hours that we put him to sleep, he would wake up every 20-30 minutes screaming before his longest stretch, and then that long stretch would only be 2 hours. His daytime naps were even worse. It took me 30-45 minutes to get him down for a nap, and then the nap would only last 20-40 minutes.

Rebecca’s techniques have made me a much better wife and mother! Our marriage is stronger than ever and I feel ready to give all of me to Nathan when he is awake. She was so supportive about all of our questions and concerns in the sleep training process. What I found most miraculous was that once he learned to fall asleep on his own, he started doing other things independently too like rolling and reaching for toys.

Before employing Rebecca’s help, I couldn’t even imagine going back to work because the task of parenting was so exhausting. Now, I have 3-4 hours during the day while Nathan naps where I don’t know what to do with myself and I find myself twiddling my thumbs! I love that now when I put Nathan down, he gives me a big smile, I give him a big kiss, and he rolls over and goes to sleep. Even our dog is much happier now that the baby isn’t waking up in the middle of the night.

Thank you Rebecca for giving our family the gift of sleep!

- Amanda, R., Chicago, IL

2-year-old with bedtime battles and night wakings…

Once we got into a good rhythm, his new sleep habits changed our lives in ways we didn’t even expect: he started eating better, his temperament improved, his teachers commented that he was funny all day long and his vocabulary increased dramatically.

- Alyson J., Brooklyn, NY

2-year-old with night wakings…

Dr. Kempton was quickly able to identify the root of the problem with our two year-old son’s sleeping difficulty. The very same night we took her advice, we saw a dramatic improvement, and everybody in the house finally got some sleep! A few nights in and our little guy is “sleeping like a baby” in a good way, and we are so grateful to Dr. Kempton. She was very professional and prompt in her communications with us, and we found the entire experience of the consultation to be very pleasant.

- The Shaw Family, Juneau, Ala

4-month-old with no schedule…

My infant daughter was never a good sleeper. From birth, unless she was sleeping in my arms, she would only nap for 20-30 minutes before waking, and at night woke up four times and upwards per night even at 3.5 months. She was always tired and often cranky, and the lack of sleep on our part was negatively affecting my husband and me as well. At four months, my husband and I turned to Rebecca to help our family.

From the beginning, I appreciated her ‘customer-focused’ approach and thoroughness in understanding the dynamics in our household, which made it easy to work with her long-distance (we reside overseas). She diagnosed sleep issues we didn’t even know we had, and came up with a plan that, while detailed, was not difficult to follow. I very much appreciated her commitment to infant sleep safety and her daily follow up with us while we got our daughter used to the sleep routine.

I will admit that I was nervous about how much crying there would be while our daughter adjusted, particularly since she was still little. But in the end, my anxieties were much worse than the reality and our daughter adjusted well in a week or so. I can highly recommend Rebecca to help you!

- Meg A., Jerusalem, Israel

3-year-old with bedtime antics…

We feel fortunate to have found you; Cosima’s eccentric bedtimes are now so predictable & calm. It’s been a personality changer for her.

- Olivia J., Winnetka, IL

4-month-old who won’t fall asleep…

Having your encouragement and advice is probably the only reason we are enjoying our evenings and sleep once again.

- Kimberly B., New Orleans, LA

2-year-old night owl…

I have to say, going into this I was terrified. Now I actually look forward to bedtime! I never thought it would be possible for my daughter to love sleep and bedtime.
I actually feel guilty that I didn’t do this sooner.

- Shelly M., Chicago, IL

4-month-old lacking sleep…

I can say with confidence that working with Rebecca was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a mother. When I reached out to her I was exhausted and in a state of constant worry that my daughter wasn’t getting enough sleep. I tried everything, from swings to holding her for entire naps and stretches and hours a night to any number of sleep contraptions, swaddles, etc. to try to get her to sleep, but nothing seemed to be working consistently. Amazingly, the more I tried the less she was sleeping.

Enter Rebecca. From the first time we talked on the phone I knew I had made the right decision in reaching out. She listened, understood and worked with me to create a plan, tailored specifically to my daughter, to help us reach our sleeping goals. I was extremely nervous, but Rebecca worked with me every step of the way, helping to refine our routines, map out our timing for each day and make sure we stayed on track. Within days, my daughter, who was previously sleeping 3 hour stretches was sleeping for 11-12 hours at night and taking three naps a day.

It felt like magic. My husband and I were finally catching up on our sleep, I felt like I was able to be a better mother because I wasn’t constantly exhausted, and most importantly, my daughter was a better rested and happier baby. I know there will be regressions and bumps that lie ahead, but I feel confident that we have a great foundation to work from. Whenever anyone asks me how my daughter is sleeping I sing Rebecca’s praises, because I know we would never be where we are today if it wasn’t for her.

- Leslie K., Chicago, IL

10-month-old having trouble getting back on track…

No questions this time; just wanted to thank you for your continued support! You should know that your coaching does more than put babies to sleep. It turns frustrated households into happy households who are eager for more children. In some cases, I’d go so far to say your coaching saves marriages (or at least maintains the quality of them).

- Andrew B., Belize

4-month-old inconsistent sleeper…

Thanks to Rebecca’s deep knowledge of sleep and her guiding hand, I now have a 19-week-old happy baby who sleeps 11-12 hour uninterrupted nights and takes regular naps in her crib! As a new mom of a former colicky baby who rarely slept during the day and at night, Rebecca’s plan and assurances were what made the holy grail of parenting, sleep, turn from a far off pipe dream into a reality and I cannot thank her enough! Of all the things I have learned so far as a mother, her techniques are what stick out as some of the most important and were worth every penny! I now have the sweetest, happiest little daughter and I know that it is because she is well rested. Thanks a million Rebecca!

- Morgan G, Santa Monica, Ca

4-month-old needs a schedule…

Ella-Robinson22I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for all of your help with Ella. You truly helped guide us in a life-changing way and have made our whole family so much happier. I feel like I’m such a better mommy now that I’m well-rested. Thank you also for bearing with me and being patient with all of my questions!

- Amy R., Chicago, IL

17-month-old girl only naps on top of Mommy…

Evangeline-22-months-225x300Until she turned 17-months, my husband and I felt good about our daughter’s bedtime (6pm) and wake time (5 or 6am to nurse, then back asleep in her crib for 1-2 more hours), though we hoped she’d nap longer than her once-daily 45-minute cycle as she grew older. We’d done a good deal of nighttime sleep training to get to that point, and were pleased with the results. And then, everything fell apart. Our daughter would no longer go back to sleep at 5:00 a.m. and would cry after I nursed her and put her down. She refused to nap in her crib, only napping on one of us, or in the stroller or car seat. By 5:00 p.m., she would meltdown and point to her crib repeatedly, so we began putting her to sleep earlier and earlier. She signed “tired” to everyone she met. Sleeplessness ruled our lives for a few months and made my early pregnancy especially draining.

Finally, we decided to seek outside help and called the pediatric office of Dr. Marc Weissbluth, the author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. We’ve frequently used the book for its research-based sleep help since becoming parents. Dr. Weissbluth’s practice referred us to Rebecca, and we are happy beyond words that they did. Along with being a superb sleep resource and teacher, Rebecca is incredibly warm, compassionate and thorough.

From small tips like darkening our daughter’s room more than we already had, to big steps like precise sleep training during the day, she had suggestions and answers for everything that came up during the weeks we worked with her. She made it clear that changing a toddler’s sleep could be challenging, but that consistency was very important. Her plan involved helping my daughter to nap alone in her crib, moving her bedtime slightly later, and helping her wake at a more desirable hour

After five weeks of following Rebecca’s plan, our daughter finally lay down in her crib and took a nap! Those weeks were extremely rough on our family, and there were certainly times where I doubted our choices, but Rebecca was with us every step of the way for comfort and support. The difficulties of being pregnant with a napless, overtired toddler were replaced by the joys of spending time with a better-rested, happier child. Now 22-months old, my daughter is a professional sleeper! She naps 2-3 hours a day and sleeps exceedingly well at night—usually 14 hours straight, and some mornings we actually have to wake her up! Instead of crying upon waking, our daughter now plays in her crib, in no hurry to be retrieved.

Our family learned such valuable information from Rebecca, and we are so grateful for how her sleep help has significantly changed our lives.

- Jennifer C., New Orleans, La.

5-year-old with bedtime battles…

We have a five-year-old daughter and it seems that we have had sleep issues since she was born. She cried in the car rather than sleep, screamed when I put her down for a nap and with dark circles under her eyes as a toddler would refuse to stay in her room and go to sleep. We read books. We saw a counselor. We tried positive and negative reinforcement, charts, prizes, stickers, and jumping for joy. Shortly before she turned five, my husband and I were exhausted and felt defeated. Every night was a battle over bedtime and we dreaded it. We never got to relax, could not figure out what to try next and were arguing over what to do. We desperately needed our nights back. Then I found Rebecca and her website gave me hope. I spent one hour on the phone with her and it changed everything. Her knowledge, understanding and positive energy gave me the strength I needed to take control of the situation and fix bedtime. Rebecca gave us a sleep plan and we talked on Skype to work out what to do and it worked. We now have a daughter who goes to bed, we know how to handle issues, and we have our evenings back. Rebecca saved bedtime! Thank you!

- Jennifer D, Highland Park, IL

10-month-old co-sleeper who hates her crib…

Erica-Reith-3_14-6-mo-225x300 Rebecca is wonderful! I would recommend her to any family struggling with their infant’s sleep habits or schedules. One day out of the blue, our four month old daughter Erica hated her crib. She wanted nothing to do with it! I had just returned to work and we were all exhausted. My solution at the time was to let Erica sleep with my husband and me. I thought, “Why not?” She slept better, I slept better and we were all happy…and I figured she would go back to her crib when she was ready. That was not the case. We continued to try her crib and she hated it more each time. In addition, we had no set nap schedule and eventually, Erica would literally only sleep when she was near me. This got old very quickly and none of us were getting any sort of quality sleep.One day, Erica was 10 months old at this point, I read a testimonial that Rebecca posted and it sounded exactly like my story! I called Rebecca right away and we made plans to begin working together immediately following a planned vacation.

The overall experience was not only successful, but it was not unpleasant at all. I would compare this hiring a personal trainer at the gym. Sure, you can work out by yourself, but a personal trainer ensures that you follow the appropriate steps, gives you the information and tools you need, and encourages you the entire way through. Rebecca is the perfect sleep coach!

After just three days, Erica was going to bed in her crib with very little crying and protesting and sleeping the entire night. After just one week, Erica was taking two naps a day with little protest. And now we have our routine! We could not be happier with the results!

- Shannon R., Oak Park, IL

6-month-old boy with multiple night wakings…

Barry-Swanson-6mo-150x150 Calling Dr. Kempton was the best decision we made for our family. Barry was waking up 5 or more times per night and requiring overwhelming amounts of soothing and interventions to get back to sleep. We were at our wits end, sleep deprived, desperate, and overwhelmed. Dr. Kempton gave us a very clear, very direct strategy and schedule for Barry that included naps, routines, and setting up the right conditions for sleep. Within a few days, baby Barry was sleeping for 11 plus hours per night and napping like a champion. He has been a much more delightful baby ever since we worked with Dr. Kempton and our family is happier and healthier now that we are all sleeping well. She was also available for continued support and follow up for any questions or concerns. I highly recommend calling her and I am confident she will help your babies sleep well and you too! We continue to say that this was a life changer for us!

- Chrissy S., Chicago, IL

2-year-old with bedtime antics and night wakings…

Aria-2-300x200From around four months old our daughter had always slept well, but things changed as she approached two and our son was due. We never got to the bottom of the reason, quite possibly the shared attention, possibly my husband’s regular business trips overseas, but she started having trouble getting to sleep and staying in her room / bed through the night

We dealt with it as best as we could, but as our son arrived it became ever more difficult to resolve things. We knew we needed to get her back into healthy sleeping habits again, but we had a newborn to deal with and the easier option was to let her into our bed or sleep on her floor next to her. After a few weeks, I saw a referral from a colleague for Rebecca’s sleep consulting practice.

I really liked Rebecca’s medical background and that she had children of her own – her experience was practical and not just theoretical. I got in touch, we chatted and she quickly got the particulars of our sleeping situation.  She helped us understand what may be going on developmentally in our toddler.  She gave us a straightforward plan, backed us up on techniques we were doing already and made suggestions to our sleeping environment. We worked collaboratively to make sure this would work.  We even agreed it would be best to implement the plan after a big trip we were taking over the holidays.  Even so we were able to pull some of the suggestions whilst we were away and once back home, we instantly implemented the rest of the plan.  Our daughter was brilliant: she slept through the night, not getting up even once for the following days!

I’m sure that it won’t be the same for everyone so quickly, but the plan was clear, we stuck to the rules and it has worked very successfully for us. The feeling of getting a night of sleep undisturbed by our daughter is terrific, the next job is to work on our five month old! We heartily recommend working with Rebecca and wish we had done it sooner. Sleep problems are fixable.

- Leslie F, San Francisco, CA

5-month-old girl who just wouldn’t sleep…

Nina-Hardiman-5-mo-300x200I recommend Dr. Rebecca Kempton without reservation to all friends and acquaintances who are trying to achieve a good night’s sleep. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible. My daughter was the most beautiful, charming baby with a most maddening unwillingness to sleep! Over time, she began to reject all our efforts and would basically only sleep in my arms or in a body wrap for the first five months of her life. Cue Rebecca, miracle worker, and that all changed. Rebecca was professional but comforting; firm but kind and understanding; and incredibly responsive to any question or issue I had along the way. She came to my home and walked me through a plan with which I was comfortable, and has been such a friend to us, even providing advice regarding our three-year-old and his nighttime wakings! Nina is now nearly nine months old, and is sleeping through the night and taking great naps. I can’t stress enough that Rebecca is the person to help you — she will save you so much time, angst, self-doubt and tears!

- Katie H., Chicago, IL

7-month-old nursed to sleep day and night…

Landon-Straith-pic1-225x300Dr. Kempton is a miracle worker! My husband and I contacted Dr. Kempton when we were at a loss for how to get our 7 month old son to sleep on his own. He was used to being nursed to sleep and held during his naps, so I feared the transition wouldn’t be pretty. took a lot of hard work and patience, but with the help of Dr. Kempton my husband and I were able to help our son nap on his own and sleep through the night! I truly feel like God sent Dr. Kempton to us at the time we needed some help. I highly recommend this baby sleep pro to anyone who is struggling with their little one’s sleep. I can’t tell you what her support has meant to me!

- Brittany S., Traverse City, MI

6-month-old waking throughout the night plus erratic naps…

Genevieve-6mo-225x300As a mother who’d already sleep trained her first baby, I never thought I’d need a sleep specialist for my second child. I was wrong. My second baby was never a sound sleeper, never slept through the night and barely took naps. Despite reading every book on the market, my attempt at sleep training got me absolutely nowhere. After months of crying (her and me), I decided it was time for professional help.

Rebecca was referred to me and I’m kicking myself that I waited so long to call her! It was so wonderful to chat with her about every sleep plan that I’d tried (and failed at) and have her calmly tell me things were going to be fine. She followed up with a detailed plan and the promise that she’d be with me every step of the way. The plan included pieces of information that I’d read in books, but having her there to talk me through the daily specifics with my daughter, is what finally got everything to click into place.

Within days, my daughter was sleeping through the night (12 hours, where previously she could only do 5 hours at a stretch) and taking 2 naps a day. The absolute best part is that I don’t dread putting her down to sleep. Putting her down at bedtime is now my favorite part of the day. I can barely believe it myself. She knows what to expect, she cuddles into me and rarely makes a sound as I walk out of the room. It’s absolutely priceless.

- Meghan B., Chicago, IL

10-month-old boy awake day and night….

Emiliano-Castelos-225x300When our baby born, he was an angel – taking good naps and sleeping through the night. All that changed at 4 months. He would sleep a couple hours and then my husband and I took turns sleeping with him in our arms. As soon as we put him in the crib he would wake up immediately crying. We would be up with him another couple hours just trying to get him back to sleep. Our life was miserable; we were like zombies the whole day, so irritated by sleep deprivation. We had no energy and my husband and I had to sleep in separate spaces taking turns trying to put our baby back to sleep.

Tired of this and wanting our lives back, I contacted Dr. Rebecca Kempton. She designed a detailed plan and talked with us explaining every single detail in depth. When we started to do the plan, it was hard! But Rebecca helped us every step of the way – she was there any time I had a question and when my heart wanted to give up, she gave us strength to go on. She encouraged us, she sweetly gave us all the strength I needed every day and I can say that after a few days, our son started sleeping from 6.30 PM until 7 AM without any crying!!

He is like a different child – he is so much more happy; he eats more and plays more. And for us, our lives have changed completely. I can read a book after I put my baby to bed. I spend more time relaxing with my husband and I can spend more quality time with my older son. Rebecca gave us our lives back!

I feel so lucky to have met her. We are no longer zombies and she is an angel in our family!!

I recommend her highly. THANK YOU SO MUCH Rebecca for giving us back our lives!!”

- Cristina C., Chicago, IL

6-month-old up all night…

Evan-Woodall-6-mo-Sunny-3_14-225x300Rebecca helped us tremendously! We called Rebecca because my husband nor anyone but me could put our 7-month-old son down for even a nap, let alone bedtime. I needed some relief and my husband needed to feel like he could soothe our baby to sleep.

Rebecca came to our home, met our son and took at look at our routines and rituals and assessed our son’s bedroom, etc. She quickly created an easy to follow plan that both my husband and I could live with and one that worked. I will admit to being a total wimp and telling Rebecca I would not be able to do cry it out. Rebecca respected that and was able to modify anything I wasn’t comfortable with. She basically held my hand through the whole process! Rebecca was there for me if I texted her at 10pm or 6 am. She replied quickly to every little question I asked (and believe me, I asked a lot). Always checking-in with concern and compassion. Plus she is just super nice!

Best of all-our son sleeps now from 6:30 pm until 6:30 am every night now AND does two great long naps each day! This occurred within about 2 days of implementing her plan. Everything is on schedule now so there is no guessing game involved. Our son is happier, well-rested and hitting more milestones than ever. Of course we are happier too as now I don’t need to get up 3 times a night anymore. I can go out and we have control of our evenings again

Sleep is so important to a child’s brain development and as a parent you need every ounce of energy to engage and be present for your child. Now, as a mom when I hear from other parents who struggle with their child sleeping I honestly can’t understand why they suffer through it. Worst of all I can’t understand why they would allow their child to suffer through it. Rebecca was worth every penny! Your being well-rested and especially your child being well-rested is worth it too.

- Sunny F, Chicago, IL

2-year old with bedtime troubles, night, and early wakings…

“We were having some sleeping issues with my son where he didn’t want to go to bed without us there and he was waking up in the middle of the night. He would go to sleep for the babysitters but was impossible for me and my husband.

Dr. Rebecca Kempton created a bedtime routine and detailed sleep plan for us and in just a few short days, my son is doing amazing. We got our good sleeper back and she made it happen! She was supportive, empathetic, and fantastic and I would highly recommend her.

- Jodi W, Chicago, IL

6-month-old non napper and night owl…

Gianna-Bannos-6-mo-225x300After using the services and support of Dr. Rebecca Kempton, our lives changed. While our 6- month-old, is a happy and good girl, her sleep habits were less desirable.. Her irregularity with nighttime sleep and fighting daytime naps, were exhausting to our entire family. With Rebecca’s guidance, Gianna’s sleep has improved 100%. She is now sleeping between 11-12 hours per night and taking 2 regular naps, during the day. This has made our baby (and our entire family) rested and much happier.

From our first communication with Rebecca, we found her to be incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of our needs. She provided us with a personalized plan to get Gianna on track and offered her on-going support to see the plan through– from start to finish. From the beginning, her plan worked and we saw improvements immediately. As new parents, we are incredibly grateful to Rebecca for helping our daughter get onto a restorative and healthy schedule. We would highly recommend Baby Sleep Pro to any parent

- The Bannos Family, Chicago, IL

5 month old night owl with short naps

Xander-6-mo-225x300When my baby was five months I almost collapsed from exhaustion and decided I had to take action. I live in London but my sister lives in the US and recommended Rebecca Kempton of Baby Sleep Pro. We had our first Skype call a day later and shortly after that I received the sleep plan for my son. It was the best thing I ever did and by far the best money I have ever spent – for both my son and me! A week later he was no longer waking up once an hour, but just once a night, and napping throughout the day at set times. Rebecca’s supportive and clear approach provided me with the foolproof instructions I needed and gave me the confidence to do the right thing for my baby boy.

- Annabel R, London

2-year-old sleep procrastinator…

Max-Rosenberg-2-year-old-3_14-300x200Dr. Kempton helped restore sanity to our nights! Our son Max was a great sleeper until he was about 26 months old. From that point on, bedtime was met with tears and screaming. He frequently woke up during the night, and most nights this meant that one of us had to sleep with him in the guest room. After a few months of poor sleep, stress, and frustration, we were at the end of our ropes and we decided to contact Dr. Kempton for help.

Dr. Kempton spoke with us at length to learn all about us and our son, his sleep routine, his troubles, and our goals for returning him to the terrific sleeper that he used to be. She listened to us, asked lots of great questions, and worked with us to establish a sleep plan. It wasn’t easy, but Dr. Kempton helped us through the process and frequently checked in to monitor Max’s progress. After a few short weeks, Max became a terrific sleeper again. Now he falls asleep with ease and when he does wake up during the night (infrequently), he puts himself back to sleep quickly. We could not have made it to this point without the assistance and support that we received from Dr. Kempton! If you are experiencing anything close to what we dealt with, make an appointment with Dr. Kempton and take back control of your nights!

- Debbie S., Chicago, IL

10-month-old, waking 4-5 times per night, nursing to sleep…

After a brief two weeks of sleeping through the night at seven weeks old, our daughter spent the next eight months waking every one-to-two hours at night. In my infinite wisdom as a new mom, I nursed her back to sleep every time, often bringing her into our bed after the first waking for ease of nursing. This was comfortable and restful for everyone for a little while, until she decided to sleep perpendicular to us on the bed, relegating my husband and I to the edges. I didn’t realize a baby so small could take up so much space, but thought we’d figure out how to get her to sleep eventually.

Fast forward to her 10 month age. After months of multiple nightly wakings, nursing, co-sleeping on a bed not large enough, and rocking/singing/shushing her to bed every night, I had hit my limit. Former attempts at sleep training (at 5 months) had failed because I was unable to be consistent.

I found Dr. Kempton and learned that she had helped numerous families like mine – without placing blame on the parents for the habits that they had helped to create for their kids. I understood the theory behind sleep training (sleep begets sleep, etc), and knew that I needed to be able to place my daughter in the crib and leave, but I had so many fears. What if she was hungry, shouldn’t I feed her? What if she cried so hard she threw up? What if she hit her head while trying to escape from her crib at night? What would my neighbors in my apartment building think? What if it didn’t work? Would my daughter hate me?

On my initial phone call with Dr. Kempton, she calmly and matter-of-factly educated me about sleep, allayed all of my fears, and made me feel like we would work together to get my daughter sleeping better on her own.

Before our in person meeting, Dr. Kempton provided a detailed, step-by-step sleep plan, and gave us specific tips tailored to our situation. With her support, we implemented it that evening. I won’t lie: listening to my daughter cry in protest wasn’t easy. But, after only a few nights, she now sleeps through the night after 10-15 minutes of whimpering/protest in the beginning. And, she doesn’t hate me — I am greeted in the morning with smiles. As a result of this process, her naps at daycare have improved as well.

Dr. Kempton has been extremely responsive and supportive during this process. I needed someone to take charge and give me a plan that I wouldn’t deviate from — and Dr. Kempton has done exactly that. Her answers to my questions are always thoughtful.

A friend asked me why I couldn’t just do the sleep training on my own. For me, it was a question of having the expert resource to answer questions and the support of someone who could tell me whether my child was progressing as expected, as well as a cheerleader for my own frayed nerves. In the end, I think the sleep training was more for my husband and I than for our daughter. Now I’m starting the process myself of figuring out how to stay asleep through the night after months of conditioning to wake up every couple of hours!

If other parents recognize themselves in this story – please consider asking for Dr. Kempton’s help!

- Amika P., Chicago, IL

2-year-old with difficulty falling and staying asleep…

“Our son had historically been a good sleeper since he was about 6 months old. A few months before he turned two, his sleep pattern changed and he was getting up many times each night. We were completely perplexed as it was like we had a newborn again. He also had been dealing with continuous ear infections, so it was difficult to dissect exactly what was going on.Rebecca provided a simple, step by step plan to get our son sleeping again…and in a reasonable and sensitive manner. Within days our son was asking for his crib at bedtime and sleeping soundly through the night.Rebecca didn’t just tell us what to do. She listened and heard our situation and concerns and partnered with us to address my son’s sleep.She was not prescriptive; it was truly a collaborative effort in getting my son to sleep again. The results were incredibly quick and profound. Everyone in the family is happier and more well rested because of her. We can’t thank her enough!”

- Michelle F., Chicago, IL

5-month-old with multiple night wakings and unpredictable naps…

When I heard first the term “sleep training”, before the birth of my daughter, I thought to myself, “I would never do that”. My baby would simply sleep when she was tired and adapt herself to the rhythm of our lives. Fast forward a few months and I began to understand the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on a family. After months of waking every one to two hours to nurse our baby back to sleep, I was barely functional. I was hardly present enough to enjoy my beautiful daughter and felt I was missing out on the joy of parenting. My husband and I read and reviewed all of the popular literature on sleep training before deciding on this approach. We understood the theory behind what to do, but lacked the real-life confidence to implement the techniques in their most effective way.I credit Rebecca’s expertise, compassion and encouragement with our eventual success. My husband and I benefited tremendously from Rebecca’s personalized fine-tuning. We learned that sleep training was not just the narrow goal of baby sleeping through the night.It was a complete lifestyle change that brought rest, routine & well-being to all three of our lives. Rebecca’s approach was respectful, clear and reassuring. She answered every question we had in generous detail. She was in our back pockets for the entirety of the process, providing unwavering support to us with every success and at every bump in the road. Knowing that Rebecca is a mother of three as well as a physician was an additional comfort. We were able to place our trust in her, knowing that in addition to her professional training, she has a mother’s heart. Rebecca related to our anxieties and fears. She entertained each one of them with compassion and ingenuity. Her ability to empathize with us was what allowed us to stay consistent and trust in the process. I now humbly admit the value of sleep training.And the value of a sleep trainer like Rebecca? Priceless.We wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca to any family struggling with sleep issues. She is a dream to work with.
Thank you Rebecca, from the bottom of our hearts.

- The Lawrence Family, Toronto, Canada

Twins on different schedules…

“We reached out to Dr. Rebecca Kempton who was referred to us from a friend, in a zombie-like state after 7 months of no sleep with our twin boys. What I liked most about Rebecca was her medical background which made her credible and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of my sons’ sleep. She listened to us and quickly got the particulars of our situation. First she helped us understand some of the physiological and behavioral reasons my sons were not sleeping well, and gave us a step by step plan that we could implement around with our existing routine and lifestyle. I still can’t believe how fast and how well her plan worked. Within just a few nights my two sons were already sleeping significantly better, and within 5 days they were sleeping for 12 hours – something they had NEVER done. Dr. K continued to stay in touch with us regularly while we were implementing the plan, answering questions as they came up, and encouraging us when we needed it. I feel like a whole new person!”

- Christine, Philadelphia, PA

9-month-old with night wakings and nap problems…

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! There are no words to describe how ecstatic I am that Rebecca came into our lives and helped my little one to sleep through the night, and me too!! My 9 month-old was not sleeping through the night yet and everyone was telling me he should have been sleeping through the night at 3 months. Naturally I was upset. After I talked to Rebecca, and heard about her background, I decided to engage her. Rebecca explained everything in detail and made an actual sleep plan for him.Within days of implementing the detailed sleep plan she developed for us, my son was taking 2 naps and sleeping through the night without waking once! She is my saving angel!!! I HIGHLY recommend her !!!! The only thing I regret is not finding her months ago”.

- Maria F., Chicago, IL

6-month-old with multiple night wakings…

“By the time a friend referred us to Rebecca, I had begun to dread the arrival of evening in our home. It took me a couple of hours to put my baby to sleep and then he woke up almost every hour throughout the night. Since I work outside the home too, I was dragging around days and nights. Rebecca was so easy to talk to and seemed to know just how to help us adjust our routines to reverse what had begun bad habits—the baby’s and mine! Within days our lives changed—and I’ll always be grateful for her help. She’s amazing.

- Sara L, Minneapolis, MN

Fussy 4-month-old in small quarters…

If sleep training a fussy baby is difficult, sleep training a fussy baby in a small apartment while preparing to move is even harder. I am so very grateful that we found Rebecca who helped us through this “triple threat” situation to wonderful effect.

We had our second baby in November 2012. When it came to temperament and settling into a schedule, he and our first son were like night and day. Son #1 was fairly easy going and slept through the night at 4 mos. Son #2 could hardly be put down at 4 mos, let alone was he capable of sleeping through the night. It was clear to me that the approach to sleep training we had used for S1 was not going to work for S2. To add to this, we were living in a 2-bedroom condo at the time which made sleep training quite difficult.

When I connected with Rebecca, I was literally in a panic. S2 was 4-months old, was still in our room (often falling asleep for the night on one or the other of us) and was waking 2-4 times nightly. This may sound fairly normal but it was quite different from what we had experienced with S1. Rebecca met us exactly where we were and held our hands every step of the way. Beginning with naps and early evening sleep, she helped us set realistic, achievable goals for S2. When at first S2 didn’t seem to be taking too well to our plan she assured us that it was completely normal, that he was doing great, and that in time, things would improve. And she was right. S2 took longer than S1 to get into a routine, but despite my many doubts and fears, he did settle into a routine, simply by us being consistent and a little bit patient.

Not only was Rebecca right but she was so invested in our process. She listened and responded thoughtfully. She drew on all of the literature and experts available to her. She was our biggest cheerleader and she genuinely cared. She shared her own foibles with her kids’ sleep, which were most reassuring (especially because her kids are all beautiful sleepers now).

S2 is now 7 months and a happy, smiley, well-rested little guy. Our entire family is considerably more rested. I recommend Rebecca so highly. She’s knowledgeable, practical and serious about getting your baby to sleep while also being empathetic, patient and reassuring. You will not regret enlisting her help!

- Ali S., Chicago, IL

10-month-old, co-sleeper with multiple night wakings and difficulty falling asleep…

My 10 month old baby boy’s sleep habits were only getting worse with time. We were co-sleeping in attempt to get some kind of decent rest at night. I thought he would eventually just sleep longer stretches at night and night wean with just a little help, just like our first son. WRONG!!! I was getting no sleep and he was pretty much nursing all night long. We tried everything we could think of to no avail. I was desperate. Having chronic sleep deprivation was really having a negative impact on every part of my life. It was affecting my ability to take care of my family and myself. During one of my non-sleep nights I came across Rebecca’s web page. Figured I would give it a shot. I am so glad I did! Rebecca is awesome. After following her plan baby boy was sleeping through the night (11-12hrs) within a few nights. This was big because he had never slept more than 3 hours at the most. Naps were a little harder but she was always there for support. For me the key was having her there to ask questions of and give advice. I really would have given up when it got tough…and IT GOT TOUGH!!! She helped me keep my eyes on the goal. It was all worth it! I am so very grateful for Rebecca and for her help!

- Elissa D, Jacksonville, FL

6-month-old with night wakings and poor naps…

My 6- month- old was waking up every 2-3 hours through the night and had 30-40 minute naps during the day. Rebecca’s expert coaching and thorough explanations helped me to understand what I had been doing wrong. Within days, he was sleeping through the night and takes perfect long naps! It is a delight putting him to sleep now, I was dreading it before: Thanks to Rebecca, he is a much happier baby and we all get the rest that we need.

- Katarina O, Chicago, IL

9-month-old bed sharing…

Our 9-month-old daughter had been sleeping in our bed for months. What had started out as a way for tired parents to get more sleep during the night and to facilitate nursing had turned into a disaster of multiple night wakings and naps where I was on pins and needles listening for signs of her awakening as I feared she’d tumble off the bed. I knew moving our daughter to her crib was way overdue. Although I’d read lots of books and blogs about sleep and infants I remained unsure about exactly what approach to use to make the transfer. We’d made a lot of mistakes around sleep with our older daughter and I wanted a more positive experience for all with our younger girl.

It was just my good luck to have found Rebecca through a seminar where she generously shared some of her vast knowledge about infant sleep and patiently answered questions from many moms in the group. She spoke about differing approaches to encouraging sleep, not advocating a one-size fits all solution.

After the seminar I took advantage of her offer of a free phone consult. Talking to her is like talking to a friend, a warm and caring friend who just happens to know a lot about sleep. While speaking with her, it finally crystallized for me what approach to sleeping made sense for our daughter and our family and it was not a difficult decision to engage her help.

After I filled out her questionnaire she quickly sent me a detailed sleep plan to follow which built on some of the routines we already had in place. We followed the plan and we couldn’t be more thrilled and relieved that within 10 days of starting it our daughter was sleeping safely in her crib for 11-12 hours at night and for 2 naps a day with minimal protesting. The nights organized themselves pretty quickly, within 2-3 nights, but the naps took longer about 8-9 days, something Rebecca informed us would probably happen but we stayed the course with her support. For most of us, there is no one in our lives who can read and respond promptly to emails and texts about the details of a child’s sleep progress multiple times a day with patient reassurance and encouragement. Having Rebecca’s support was invaluable through this process and I can’t recommend her enough!

- Liz S., Chicago, IL