Dr. Kempton's Favorite Sleep Products

  • I often get asked what products I recommend for various sleep related uses, so I decided to compile them for you here for perusing and easy one click shopping...mostly from Amazon. Please email me if you have questions about anything you see here or would like more recommendations.

Our Products

Swaddles and sleep sacks

Swaddles are an essential component of helping your newborn sleep. Most babies outgrow swaddles between 12-16 weeks when you can transition to a sleep sack or temporarily to a weighted sleep suit, like the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit.  Sleep Sacks are safe, wearable blankets you can use when your baby outgrows the swaddle - usually by 12-16 weeks.  They even make larger sizes for 2-3 year-olds.

Blackout shades

Darkness is one of the keys to creating a sleep-inducing environment for your baby. The reason is the darkness is what elicits our internal sleep hormone, melatonin, which helps everyone fall asleep. Black garbage bags can do the trick too!  Read my tips here on setting your baby up for great sleep.

White Noise

White noise helps lull your baby to sleep. Run white noise (e.g. rain, shower, fan) continuously throughout the night and for naps. It can also help drown out ambient noise like siblings, dogs, or street noise.


Lovies are great for helping your baby transition away from needing you to help them sleep. Include it in the routine, even express milk on it, so that you can help your baby form a positive attachment with it. They are easy to wash and great for travel!

Night lights

Remember, creating a really dark room is essential for your baby’s sleep. The reason is the darkness is what elicits our internal sleep hormone, melatonin, which helps everyone fall asleep. As children get to a preschool age, they may express a fear of the dark and that is when you can offer a night light. But, I recommend a red light bulb because red light does not inhibit melatonin production.   Please read this before you Buy.

Toddler clocks

These can be helpful especially when you are helping your child stay asleep past 6:00 am. Because some of these emit light, you don’t need additional light in the room.


Incorporate reading some of these favorites into your bedtime routine.   My favorite sleep and parenting reference books are included!

Baby care apps

These can be helpful to track your baby’s sleep and feeding schedule and also make it easy to share data among caregivers.

Travel favorites

Since I am often asked how to maintain healthy sleep habits on the road, I compiled my favorite travel products.  For more travel and time zone tips, please read my blogs Period.