Time Zone Tips for Traveling with Children: Easy Ways to Help Reset their Clocks

      Posted by admin |   Apr 21, 2016 |   0  comments

    Traveling with kids can be tiring for the whole family. One major culprit is crossing time zones; it can wreak havoc not only on sleep routines, but general behavior as well. As I mentioned in
    11 Sleep Tips for Traveling with Children, you have two options: if you are only crossing one or two time zones for a couple of days, consider remaining on your home time zone to make the transitions easier for everyone. But if you are crossing multiple time zones for a longer period, the key to beating jet lag for children, as well as adults, is to shift to the new time zone as soon as possible—maybe even before you get there!

    11 Sleep Tips for Traveling with Children

      Posted by admin |   Apr 21, 2016 |   0  comments

    When a friend told me she packs a suitcase full of her daughter’s favorite stuffed animals when they travel, I wasn’t surprised. My family resembles a traveling caravan at airports as we transport all our gear. Although trips with kids aren’t quite as blissful and relaxing as those pre-kid vacations, advance planning helps.

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